Saturday, April 28, 2012

Venice Day 4

This morning Steve made us strawberry crepes for breakfast.

Then we headed to the island of Murano.

We attended a couple of glass blowing demonstrations.

They only have a few minutes to work with the glass while it is hot.

The shops are full of expensive hand-blown glass pieces.  Especially chandeliers.

In one shop, right after their glass-blowing demonstration, one of the guys singled Steve out to take him back to the showroom: a huge area filled with even more expensive items than in the shop.  Little did he know who he was talking to: Steve who thought anything over 20 was way too much money.  We got to see some pretty fancy things but when he caught on that we weren't going to buy he ushered us back out.

Next we headed back to Venice for a tour of the grand canal by vaporetto.

You can see the famous Rialto Bridge in the background.

And lined with old palaces.

An early birthday present from Scott and Lynda. An original painting of Venice from a local artist, Sauverio de Bello, that will find its new home on my dining room wall.

Next we wandered the streets trying to find this Frari Church, which we could not go inside of because there was a wedding taking place.

This little boy was part of the wedding party, but did not have to stay inside and watch the wedding. He got bribed to be on good behavior with gelato.

Another window full of treats.

They have fun produce markets on the street. Today we bought peaches.

And we finished up by buying some groceries and making dinner back at the apartment.  We had fettuccine with a portobello mushroom sauce and broccoli and had some of Scott and Lynda's fried fish with risotto.