Sunday, February 28, 2010

Welcome Baby Hailey!!!

She's a healthy, happy baby!
Notice her head is bigger than 10 cm. Ouch!

How convenient to show up on your due date little one.
Labor started Friday night...Hailey wanted to come out Sunday morning.

The Newest McClellan!

So Cute!

Just Adorable

The Ashcrafts all wanted to come see the little girl.
After 29 1/2 hours of labor Jeni tells Hailey "All is forgiven."

Hailey and Grandma Ashcraft

Such a cute baby; you don't even have bruises or a smashed head

Steven tries to soothe his little girl

Who guessed the right weight?
Not Grandma McClellan...
Not Grandma Ashcraft...
Not our doula Yvonne or any of the nurses...