Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas 2007

It looks likes Steven likes his presents...will he be smiling after he opens them up?

Who is going to clean up all the trash?

Steven can't wait to use his new edger.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

A Fixer Upper

Here's the Before and After of our home starting with the outside

This place needed a lot of work. Those horrible bushes out front just had to go. We put in some nice plants in their place including a small apple tree as seem right on the corner of the house.

The Before and After of our front room

The rest of the front room

The wood on the windows were falling apart and all the blinds were broken. The walls all needed to be scrubbed clean and painted; the carpets were ripped up and smelled terrible. We ripped that out and re-did the wood floors.

Before and After -- the dining room

We love the red and yellow in this room. The new windows are great too; every window in the whole house got replaced and new curtains replaced those plastic blinds.

Our bedroom

We much prefer the light yellow to that bright pink that was there before.

The office

This is the computer room, where Steven's animation desk and the rest of his stuff resides.

The kitchen

This was the grimiest, most disgusting room in the whole house. We scrubbed it clean, gave it a nice paint job and Jeni's brother Richard re-tiled both the kitchen and the bathroom.

We just love our new kitchen

The Bathroom

Nice new tile floor, new toilet, new sink, new mirror, and new lights. It's like a whole new room. In fact, the whole place is like a new house -- it's so much different than how we found it.