Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Christmas 2019

All decorated and ready for Christmas.

Stockings stuffed.

All of the presents are gone from under the tree, replaced by this note for the kids.

And the game is on!

Last year I had too many clues to solve. This year I cut the number of clues in half.

Evan and Hailey worked together and did really well solving the clues and finding the hidden presents.

And James did his own thing and played with toys.

They did really well. If a clue stumped them, they weren't stuck for very long.

James and his new rc car.

The rule is they must find all the presents first, then they get to open them.

Silly boy.

I enjoy putting the clues together for the kids and watching them have fun.

James is just happy to see the pile of presents grow.

And now it's time to open the presents!

Doll beds for Hailey.

So excited!

Hailey's favorite book series.

James gets his very own Lego.

Squishies for Hailey.

A big box of colorful blocks.

And Where's Wally from Aunt Jennifer and Uncle Rob.

New Christmas Lego? Gotta build!

After a morning of Christmas fun at our house, it's time to go to Grandma and Grandpa Ashcraft's.

Opening stocking gifts while waiting for the rest of the family to come out.

Little puppies.

Brent and Marsi came down for Christmas and brought the doggies.

Luke's getting big.

Gillian and Clarice didn't want to get left out of family portrait taking.

Looks like trouble.

Opening up a big play kitchen to stay at Grandma's house.

Building his new, big Lego mech.