Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Ready for Spring

So ready for spring

Hailey had to do a presentation on an occupation she would like to do when she grows up. She picked being a ballerina.  Nexy year the Los Angeles Ballet is performing Swan Lake and we are going to go see it. She is pretty excited about that. 

Steve has been out of work for almost a week sick.  The doctor told him whatever is going around here is  a 7-10 day recovery. Sharing his germs with everyone at home. I gave him a hard time beacuase he went into work sick(against my wishes). I guess other people went into work sick too. Now I know why everyone is sick.

I don't want him to touch anything in our house or breathe on anyone. Nevertheless almost everyone in my house has caught this to some degree.  Recently half of Hailey's class  was out sick so I just kept her home from school. I call it fun day at home. 

Monday, March 27, 2017

In the Garden

At school we planted black beans vs pinto beans to see which grows better.

My little helper....

The kids favorite things to do on walk are look for the freindly neighborhood cats.

Occasionally James is up when Steve gets home from work.

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Early Birthday Outing

In our house, the love of books starts early.

James turns 1 year old next week so today we're celebrating by taking James to Underwood Family Farms to see the animals.

But first, James' new favorite thing: playing the piano.

And they wore their new matching shirts and shoes today!

This was the first thing we saw when we parked: a baby goat nursing.  Adorable!

At first, James just stared at the animals.

Then he loosened up and was smiling and babbling on.

We liked the kids' playground they have.

They all joined in on some fun in the sandbox.

That scrunched up nose of his...

Some of the animals showed off their tricks in the animal show.

This alpaca spun and kicked and jumped on command.

Evan found the electric tractors.  He did really well driving that thing around.

Did I mention we had another visit from the tooth fairy?

Time for the petting zoo.  Look at that giant bunny!

James was so excited to touch the animals.

After poking these little ducks it was time for James to move on.

Aw! Baby ducks!

James wanted to stick his fingers through the gate and have the baby goats suck on them.

The petting zoo was great.

Evan wanted to ride the tractors again.

This time Hailey joined in.

You're too little, James; maybe next time.

Looks like fun.


It was a fun day.

Time to head home.