Saturday, July 16, 2022

A Lego Harry Potter Birthday


Time for Dad's birthday.

Aubrey wanted to help open the presents.


I had so many little helpers wanting to unwrap gifts.

Lots of Lego Harry Potter.

Of course, Evan wanted to dive right in.

And here it goes right on the Lego shelf.

Continuing to build over the following week.

Adding to the shelf.

Wednesday, July 13, 2022

Building the Lego Assembly Square

We started the Lego Assembly Square at the beginning of this month. Here's our progress on July 2.

It's a pretty big build so we worked on it little by little over the past week and a half.

By July 4 we had the first level completed.

The bakery.

The flower shop.

And the cafe.

July 6: 2 more rooms added.

The dentist's office.

The photo studio.

By July 9 we added the music store.

And the dance studio.

Working on the rooftop.

A rooftop barbeque.

And an apartment.

With that, we finished our largest Lego build.

It's quite impressive. And we have the perfect place for it in our library.

Saturday, July 9, 2022

Birthday Trip to Sky Zone

For Evan's birthday trip, we left Aubrey at home and took these 3 to Sky Zone.

Battle on the balance beam.

Great way for these kids to have fun and tire themselves out.

They ran.

They jumped.

They were all over the place.

Difficult to keep balance.

Having fun on the zip line.

Meanwhile, James was just running amok.

Joining in on dodgeball.

Tight rope walking.

Trying his hand at the rings.

Evan and James really got into their tug-o-war.

James needed some help to reach the zip line bar.

A little basketball before our time is up.

And these kids were pooped at the end of an hour.