Tuesday, February 28, 2023

We Officially Have a Teenager


It's Hailey's 13th Birthday today!

Hailey didn't want to come along for a donut run, so I took the other 3.

Aubrey picked out a purple donut with sprinkles.

James wanted a green one with sprinkles.

Evan is partial to the jelly-filled donuts.

Time to get back and finish getting ready for school.


These kids love having an excuse for some donuts.

Hailey begged us to let her open a present before school

Hailey loves squishing slime, so she got some butter-soft, scented slimes.

A new sketchbook for our artist.

More presents this evening after dinner, including this new sweater.

A new purse.

Cool French pillows.

More clothes.

Art supplies.

Aubrey got a couple of late birthday presents today too.

Saturday, February 25, 2023

Trampoline Birthday at Sky Zone


Hailey's birthday is this week so today I took the 3 eldest to bounce on the trampolines at Sky Zone.