Sunday, April 21, 2019

Happy Easter!

James can't be rushed; he'll search for those eggs in his own time.

The other two, however, tore through the house like a whirlwind.

 Aw, it's baby Luke.

On to dying eggs.

Oh, the boy's awake.

This morning the kids found Easter baskets waiting for them.

Lego building for Evan.

Tools for James.

Clip dolls for Hailey.

Saturday, April 13, 2019

Birthday at Kidspace

With James' birthday always around General Conference weekend, we set aside another Saturday for James' birthday outing.

Today we went to Kidspace in Pasadena.

It's been warm and we were looking forward to spending some time in the creek they have... but they closed that area off for Easter egg hunts.  Boo.  I even asked about buying a ticket just to access that area for the water play, but that was a no go.

The kids were bummed that they couldn't get to the water, but we made the most of it with what we still could do.

It was pretty hot out so we had to break up the time we spent playing outside.

Glad there were things the kids could do inside.

James found the one spot where there was water to play in.

Such an intense face.

It was pretty busy today. When Evan & Hailey got in line to ride bikes they had to share.  Hailey was not happy about it.

Another round of waiting in line faired better for them.  James was perfectly happy to be a passenger.

Using air power to shoot ping pong balls.

James and Hailey got to work building with these big foam blocks.

James just likes to help.


It's nice to see them getting along and working together.

Happy with her fort.

A job well done.

With Easter next week they had bunnies.

Petting the big jack rabbit.

The kids each did their own face painting.

Digging for fossils.

Driving his truck.

And last, before we left for home, they kids made their own bunny ears.