Wednesday, June 20, 2012

First day of Summer

Today was the first day of summer vacation for my sister Clarice. We went to lunch with my dad, then visited the park and library.

We always bring bread to feed the local animals.

Hailey wasn't scared of the geese this time.

This is the same park my parents brought my siblings and me to when we were little.

Time to look for crabs and fish in the water.

There's a crab down there in the water.

I'm so glad Clarice was there to chase after Hailey!

There seemed to be plenty of sailboats out enjoying the pleasant weather.

It's nice to relax and smell the flowers.

How would like to for this statue to be in your front yard?

Such a climber!

All Hailey really wants to do is play outside.

Don't you love the staticky hair?

What a face!

Okay, Hailey, it's time to go.

Less than a minute after getting in the car it was nap time.

Then we went back to my parents' house and made strawberry jam, which tastes a million times better than anything you can buy in a regular grocery store.

Clarice was in charge of chopping. The recipe said for every 5 cups of berries to add 7 cups of sugar but, my mom and I thought it was more than sweet enough after just 1 cup of sugar.

Hailey's job was to sample the stawberries.

Why is it you can make jam at home with 3 ingredients and the jams in the grocery store have about 25 ingredients that no one knows what they are? I am a avid label reader because I like to know what I am consuming.

What a messy face!

She was happy until we turned the jets on and it scared the living pants off her.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Sneak Peek of Baby Evan

We went in to Kaiser for Jeni's appointment and got to see Baby Evan on the ultrasound. He has the McClellan nose just like Hailey. My predictions are that he'll come the last day of this month, weigh 7 lb 10 oz, and have dark hair like his mom. We're looking forward to bringing him home.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Catching up

There are always several tea parties happening in Hailey's room.

It is nice that her toys can attend too.

This past week my sister Kendra left to spend her summer in India doing humanitarian aid. She is studying public health at BYU. We are sad she is gone, but glad she will experience the real joy that comes from helping others.

Steve got invited to go to a free 3-D screening for Brave before it comes out in the theaters. They gave us each a complimentary bucket of popcorn and drinks. Yea!

It's a pretty fancy theater. They had an organist and organ that lifted out of the ground and entertained the audience before the movie started. I suppose that is why a normal ticket for this theater cost $16.50 a person.

The movie was great! And Hailey was well behaved!

My sister Gillian is out of town for the next 3 weeks, so we took my other sister Clarice with us to the screening. I am so glad my sisters live close by!

For Father's Day Hailey and I made Steve caramel peanut clusters. Saturday I wrapped them and left them on the table. While I was doing the dishes Hailey walked in with several peanut clusters that had bites taken out of them.

I went next door to get Steve, who helping run an estate sale for our neighbor who just died. This is what I told him:

"Hey Steve, Hailey just unwrapped your Father's Day present and dumped it on the floor. She is eating it up right now. Oh, I can't bend over to pick it up. So if you want it, while there's something left, you had better come home right now. One more thing: Hailey also just spilled a full glass of milk on the floor and I can't bend over to clean it up either."

Father's Day for us included eating lunch with Steve after Church. He had a baptism to conduct and he was speaking in a night sacrament meeting for those who work and can't attend during the day. Steve is always busy!

Hailey was having a really bad day this day.

Here we are at lunch time, still in her nightgown, with her wild hair after crying and screaming all morning.

I told Steve I didn't know if she would still be here when he got home from work. Not every day is a bed of roses.

Thank goodness my mom came and got her.