Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Camping Day 3: Nojoqui Falls


I see someone got into the chips...

Aubrey hanging out with Dad.

The kids' favorite part of breakfast: bacon.

Enjoying our last morning at the campsite.

The kids found these little critters popping up out of these burrows. Moles?

Luke had a great time camping. As Papa says, he was living his best life.

On the way home we stopped over at Nojoqui Falls.

Found some interesting, hollowed-out trees to play in.

Had a nice hike up to the little waterfall.

The gang's all here.

Papa with Clarice, Jeni, and the grandkids.

On the way out the kids each took a turn on this natural slide.

Such a fun trip!

Monday, March 29, 2021

Camping Day 2: On the Lake

Waking up to a nice, crisp morning.

Here's the food tent.

And here's the rest of our camping spot. Lake Cachuma has some nice sites.

Mom and baby all bundled up.

After breakfast the kids wanted to explore down by the lakeshore.

Throwing stones.

Tyler was rather good at skipping rocks across the water.

So excited to be out camping.

The kids enjoyed playing with their cousins.

Its' finally warming up. Great time to go to the playground.

Papa rented a boat for us to go out on the lake.

We had a big group so we split into 2 groups and switched halfway through our time.

Evan and Hailey each took a turn at the wheel, steering the boat.

Just keep the boat nice and steady.

Some odd thing we found down at the beach. And there's the little stained glass house there too.

Little babies are my favorite. So full of wonder in their little faces.

Back to the shore to play on the rocks.

Meanwhile, back at camp, there's plenty of relaxing and napping.