Sunday, April 26, 2020

Life in Lockdown

Taking a turn in the hammock.

Ready for your first outing, Aubrey?

The South Coast Botanic Garden is open (albeit with masks, social distancing, and some things closed off).

Nice to get out of the house and walk through the gardens.

The whole mask-wearing thing is new to us all. Jeni is wearing a homemade one her sisters sewed.

And, of course, the masks are one-size fits all so these disposable ones Harold got for his office are huge on the kids, but it's good enough.  It's not like we're around other people out here.

It's been real nice outside, so the kids have spent some time in the sun when on break from class.


Out for a bike ride and stopping to check out the local books around the neighborhood.

So cute in their matching outfits.

The sandbox is a favorite spot for these boys.

Aw! So happy!

James' matching game has been a frequent favorite.

Saturday, April 25, 2020

Springtime Baby

Just another day with this adorable little girl.

Actually, I am now back to work after taking my paternity leave (and some additional time off).

Harold's office is still closed, or rather, only open for pickup and emergencies. So he offered up one of his exam rooms to me.  So I picked up my computer equipment from work and am set up down at Harold's office.

But then I get to come home at lunchtime and, with a 5 minute commute, I get to see Jeni and the kids more than when I drove an hour to work each way.

Sunday, April 19, 2020

April 19 COVID-19 Update

We just finished our 6th week of lockdown with over 200,000 worldwide deaths and 2,971,477 confirmed cases worldwide.

In response, there have been protests across the US to end the lockdown, ranging from those who think the virus is a hoax to those who are willing to risk it and just want to get back to work.

President Trump has been inconsistent in his messages about the virus: originally denying its severity, then calling it a hoax by the democrats. Recently he said he acted quickly to respond but that it's also a Chinese conspiracy.  The response to the pandemic has been largely handled on the state level: some with stricter regulations than others.

With many jobs lost during the lockdown Congress passed legislation to send out stimulus checks to everyone across the US and those have started arriving; ours came last week.

Friday, April 17, 2020

Baby, Legos, and Games

Got to get some pictures of this little doll in her cute dress.

I thought it was funny that Hailey fell asleep but Aubrey was wide awake.

Evan and Hailey on another Lego build: playing with micro-scale.

James had his own creations to make.

Very nice micro farmhouse with a little stream and lake.

James has been playing a lot of this Marvel Superheroes memory match game.

Nice to have all four kids playing together.

As you can see, Aubrey has graduated to sitting up in the Bumbo.

Have I mentioned Aubrey pukes a lot? So she gets to wear a baby bib a lot.

Tuesday, April 14, 2020

2 Months Old

Today Aubrey turned 2 months old.

Sunday, April 12, 2020

Easter 2020

Aubrey is ready for Easter!

Getting our plastic eggs out of the garage yesterday and ready for today's Easter egg hunt.

Time to bring out our special Peter Rabbit dishes.

This is James folding his arms for the prayer.

Dying some hard boiled eggs.

Trying the Clarice method of hair curling.

Good work, everybody.

Even Papa joins in on the fun.

Getting our special Easter baskets ready last night for the kids.

And this morning they were up and diving into their Easter candy.

The boys have been into Bakugan lately.

And the new Lego Dots for Hailey.


Our sweet little Aubrey gets the golden egg.

Getting dressed to head over to the Ashcraft's for some Easter fun.

And Aubrey gets her own bunny stuffy.

What's this? More Easter baskets at Grandma's?

Thanks Easter Bunny Gillian!

Easter baskets for the adults.

Here's ours.

Cousin Luke is all dressed up for Easter.

All tuckered out.

The kids planted jelly beans yesterday and found peeps growing.

Fun bouncy balls for the kids.

Aubrey just sleeps through it all.

But the kids are ready for their Easter egg hunt.

Some of the eggs were pretty tricky.

So fun!