Sunday, March 27, 2011

Wild Child

Steve wore this velvet purple embossed jacket to prom in 1999. Last I heard one of his brothers wanted it. Merry Christmas won't be long before it's yours!
(Steven: What!?!)

I think Steve looks like Biff in Back to the Future.

Hailey picked up a piece of crunchy bread we threw in the yard for the birds.

This means...pick me up.

Clap clap....

Hailey usually spends the first 2 hours of church with her dad. Today she was so wild he had to take her out of class.

Instead of roaming the halls the two of them went to nursery and she LOVED it! And she got invited back whenever she wants. Looks like Steve is going to be going to nursery instead of Sunday School from now on.

She loves to watch the other kids and has even begun to interact with them a little, mostly walking up to them to touch them and the toys they're playing with.

No more pictures....says Hailey!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Hungry Hailey

Yep, her hands are in her amrpits.

Anyone seen Hailey?

Her face reminds me of a little cow.

She decided she wanted some dip minus the vegetables.

She picked out what she wanted to wear today.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Catching up with Hailey

Look at those big fat sad.

Sometimes Hailey wakes up in a sad mood like this :(

Meet Hailey.
She loves to pick her nose and eat it.
She loves to turn the pages in books.
She doesn't like it when it rains and she can't play in her pool.
She loves to eat raisins.
She loves to climb but then can't get down.
She loves pressing buttons and banging on keys.

This is how Hailey felt when she got in trouble for biting me on the arm while I was trimming her toenails so she wouldn't look like a homeless orphan.

I still can't get her to drink out of a sippy cup even though we take it everywhere with us. So opinionated so young!

She get's so excited when Steve comes home. She even cries and chases after him when he leaves in the morning. They like to play chase. She likes to sit in his lap and show him the pictures in her books. They like to play computer games together. They are both little night owls.

She climbed up on the stool herself. I don't think she wanted to wash dishes like I hoped.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

My little laundry helper

Just checking for missing socks.

She loves to take the socks out of the bottom drawer and trail them all over the house. Sometimes when I am cleaning up I will find a random pair of socks...where they don't belong!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sunday Attire

She is a clone of her father.

Little Miss Hailey was not interested in having her picture taken. She was more interested in watching a new family move in 2 houses down from us.

Ready to Escape!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Hailey loves to play with water.

She got this water toy from her Nana for her birthday. She loves how the water shoots up in the air.

The look of someone up to something suspicious.

Hailey helped Mama water the plants with her ducky cup. She thought Mama needed to be watered too so she threw a cup of water all over me.

2 seconds later she got squirted in the eyes...

...but that didn't deter her at all.

So much fun to play outside in the water.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Time to get wet!

If you could only see the gleam in her eyes when she finds water to play with! It was cool this morning, but we decided to take our chance and play with her pool and new water toys.

She started to grow a mullet so we trimmed the back of her hair yesterday.

After a while she got cold and it was time to get out.

That's enough water for today, Hailey.

Grab your towel and go inside.

A nice, dry set of clothes makes it all better.

The doll just receive a complimentary flying lesson courtesy of little miss Hailey.

She loves to carry her doll on her shoulder.

She has trouble pushing her stroller straight.

Are you eating your puzzle pieces again?

That's our happy little girl!