Tuesday, July 31, 2012

American Girl Doll Store

Today we went to the Grove so Hailey could run around. Our first stop was in the ginormous American Girl Doll Store where Hailey spent a very long time admiring the fancy displays. They even have a photo studio there, along with a doll hospital for repairs, a salon where they (the dolls) can get their hair done or ears pierced, a cafe, and special party rooms.

As you can see there is no shortage of parents willing to shell out the $20+  it costs to have your doll's hair styled.

I think the dolls that come from the historical sets with books series are a great way to learn about history.

The dolls run $105 a piece! Good thing you can buy them on ebay for alot less. Their clothes cost more than Hailey's. I saw people in the store dropping money left and right, walking out of the store a good $500 poorer. I even heard a woman tell her twins, "walk around and pick out anything you like!" We left the same way we came in: empty handed!

Outside, Hailey just wanted to run around. That grass behind her was spray-painted green. That meant her sandals were green by the time we left.

Don't fall in.

Enjoying the bubbles.

So fun!

 Running away from Steve.

Evan had a good time too; he was snuggled up inside his Moby.

On our way back to the car we passed the American Girl Store and it was closed. Hailey was pretty broken up about that.

 Hailey even got a treat before dinner.

Time to head home.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

A Trip Outside

 I am finally well enough to go for a walk outside.  

They  are building a bunch of new town homes right down the street from us.  They have just finished building the model version. Well they had better get used to Hailey since she will want to play with the fountain in their yard all the time.

 He  likes being outside just like Hailey.

   Guess who loves smelling flowers?

  Got to run in everyone's yard if you're Hailey.

  Catch me if  you can!

Steve just got a new flash for his camera from his parents for his birthday that he is in love with. Poor Evan  is taking the brunt of this. This is what he looks like after he has been flashed 20 times in a minute.

Friday, July 27, 2012

What a Sad Face

Poor Evan has had a continuous stream of horrible gas the last few weeks.   He cries and cries and cries all the time and it is obvious he is hurting. His gas doesn't seem to be affected by what I eat. When I talked to his pediatrician about this she told me "he must have alot of gas from crying all the time. When he cries he swallows lots of air and that causes gas." Her recommendation was to not let him cry all the time. Right, did they teach you that in medical school? I just looked at her like she had 4 heads. I have to wait another month before they will let me switch Evan over to the family practice doctor that Hailey sees, who is great. In the meantime I bought some colic drops called colic calm and they seem to help quite a bit.

Less than 5 minutes after all the toys are picked up Tornado Hailey strikes again.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Day 21: Sharing Mama

We attempted to go for a walk today but then Hailey got upset when I tried to put Evan in her stroller. Then I took Evan out and he got upset. I then had two upset children to hold and take care of. It was time to head back inside. Hailey and Evan are each learning that they have to share their Mama.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Day 20: Daddy's Home!

The car had to go into the shop for repairs so today was a day off work for Daddy. That meant time to spend with Evan and Hailey to help give Mama a break.

Yesterday Evan had such a bad day. He was upset and crying all day long and then Hailey was upset and crying. It's enough to drive you up the wall.

Today was a much better, much calmer, day.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Day 18: Hungry Little Guy

This little baby was up every hour to nurse last night. No wonder he weighs 9 lbs 9 oz!

Evan is alot more awake now; alot of the time we're not sure what he's staring at. I guess he's just checking everything out. He lifts his head up to look around and likes to push off with his legs. He's getting to be so active.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Day 17: Nighttime

When it's late at night we still have two little ones who are awake.

This is Hailey at 10pm, jumping on our bed and running amok.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Day 16: New Shoes

We took the kids to the store to get Hailey some new shoes.

Hailey wanted to do it herself.

Evan, on the other hand, just wanted to sleep.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Day 15: Portraits

Today we took the kids to have their pictures taken together.

Evan is dressed in his blessing outfit (and Hailey has one to match so they can be cute together).

He's even wearing his booties we bought in Venice. They're a little big but actually fit him well at 2 weeks old.

It was hard to get Hailey to cooperate; she behaved for just a small window of time while we were there (but we got some cute pictures of them together).

Hailey really is a good big sister to Evan; she just wants to give him kisses and touch him all the time.

So excited!

Throughout it all Evan just wanted to sleep.

What a good little baby.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Day 14: Buddies

Hailey just wants to hold her little brother (she gives him slobbery kisses too).

What a happy face! Guess who loves being a big sister?

We love it when he curls his toes up.

Evan's so comfortable sitting with Clarice.

 Hailey was so excited have her fingernails and toenails painted. 

What Hailey looks like at the end of the day.

The best thing about summer is all the fresh fruit!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Day 13: Still Resting

We haven't been doing too much since Steven has gone back to work. This cute baby did some serious damage coming out. I ripped from front to back and my muscles got stitched up in a couple of layers. I can barely tolerate walking and sitting upright. Hopefully in another week or two I will be able to walk like a normal person.

It is nice to have my mom and sisters around to take care of us. It doesn't hurt that my mom's couches are more comfortable than ours. 

So Sleepy!

Hailey was thrilled the other day that she got to wear her nightgown all day, and was allowed to watch more than one movie. She has been really excited to have Evan around and wants to help with everything!  People constantly told me she would turn into a little monster; we are glad that hasn't happened.

Time for another nap. He's not a great sleeper, but I will take what I can get.