Friday, November 26, 2021

Family Outing to the Aquarium


Today the whole LA family went to the Aquarium.

So many cool things, like these bioluminescent sea creatures.

Aubrey crawling along with her fishy friends.

Visiting the penguins.

Juice break.

Love watching the sharks.

Keeping Aubrey from falling into the touch pool.

Fun day!

Thursday, November 25, 2021

Board Games


Playing some board games with the kids.

Machi Koro.

My Little Scythe.


Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Christmas Photoshoot


Time for a family Christmas photo. They were bribed with extra screen time.

It's a challenge even getting all 4 kids looking at the camera, let alone smiling.

Another bribe: mini marshmallows.

They're so silly, especially the younger two.

Aw, there's a good one!

Just one more group photo for the back of our Christmas cards.

So cute.

Saturday, November 13, 2021

Stake Primary Activity and Father-Daughter Fiesta

Today Jeni had an activity for the Primary kids across the Stake. They started by watching a Church video.

Next, the kids built temples (or other things) out of marshmallows.

Evan is going for this super stacker.

James has this marshmallow array.

Aubrey just wanted to eat the marshmallows.

Hailey and I came back tonight for the Stake Father-Daughter Fiesta.

Once we all had a chance to eat, these young women performed a dance together.

They did a fabulous job.

Time for the pinata.

Got to let the little kids go first.

The really little ones didn't even need a blindfold.


And they all rushed in for candy.

Hailey has started hiding her face when I'm taking pictures.

There she is!

Time for dancing!

And we ended with the limbo.

First the daughters went around and around until it got too low.

Then the fathers got their chance.

I was among the final 3 but just couldn't make this last one.