Saturday, April 7, 2012

Magic Mountain

Hailey's cousin Sean had a birthday so the family met up at Magic Mountain for the day.

We got to the park a few hours before anyone else so by the time they showed up we were all tired out for the day. It did give Hailey and Steve some time to ride some of the childrens rides together.

Hailey had lots of fun in the ball room.

Hailey liked this ride alot, but after two times in a row it upset Steve's stomach so the party was over. Pregnant people are pretty much prohibited from every ride. It's okay, I don't want Evan born with shaken baby syndrome so I was content to watch.

After Disneyland at Christmas time I figured out that Hailey does ok at amusement parks or outings for about 2-3 hours at the most. After that she just gets overstimulated.

Watching everyone else go on big people rides.

Steve getting squished by his brother.

It was super hot up here!

Can't soak up enough water!

Nobody is in a rush to get back in line.

She has no idea who that bird is.

We don't get hot weather like they do up here so when we left the park the only thing Hailey had on was a diaper.