Thursday, December 31, 2020

Marble Run and Baby Babushka


Building this wooden marble run I got for Christmas.

It's really coming together.

All done!

So fun.

Daddy hanging out with the kiddos.

Aubrey got this colorful scarf from Jeni.

She looks like a little babushka.

And now she's magic.

So colorful.

Going outside but it's feeling pretty chilly out.

She's all bundled up and poofy.

Time for a break.

Not doing much for New Year's Eve. Just having a calm evening tonight.

Sunday, December 27, 2020

Playing Legos


A lot of new Legos to play with.

James got a new Hulkbuster set.

Iron Man's Hall of Armor.

Aubrey wanted to check on what the boys were playing.

Playing with the ornaments on the tree again.

Friday, December 25, 2020

Aubrey's First Christmas

Waiting out on the Christmas tree: this year's note to the kids.

Giving each of the kids their own separate set of clues to follow.

But before we get to the Christmas game, everyone has stockings filled with goodies.

They have their own little Lego set to build while waiting for Mom and Dad to get up at 7am.

We still heard them stomping around and getting excited out there from 6-7 o'clock.

Aubrey found her own set of goodies in her stocking: look at all those passies!

Dad finds a note setting him off on his own clue quest through the house.

Well, through the kids' room, more specifically.


Getting started.

I've noticed over the past few years James following behind the other kids as Hailey and Evan solved clues and found the presents and I wanted James to take a more active part.

So this year James gets to hunt down his gifts, no clue solving.

Picture clue to the next spot.

Each finding puzzle pieces along with every clue.

All of Evan's clues had a Pokemon with them.

Their own set of clues were more tailored toward their strengths.

The piano helped spell out a clue for Evan.

Combining all puzzle pieces together to reveal...

A map! X marks the spot for the final present.

She's just taking it all in over there.

Evan is so excited about James' presents.

But he has plenty of his own.

Look at that little face.

Very excited.

Ooh, an RC bulldozer.

Going to build a wooden rubber band gun.

What a little cutie.

Gotta get new books.

So excited for new Legos!

Hailey gets her own Legos too.

Loading up their new Nerf guns.

Hailey loves drawing and crafting.

Playing with her baby abacus.

Evan loves these graphic novels.

And Hailey's favorite book series is Keeper of the Lost Cities.

Aunt Jennifer sent us a fun outdoor game, Kubb.

And a family game to play with the kids: Machi Koro.

Lego Diagon Alley!  It's so huge!

Doing some Lego building before going over to Grandma and Grandpa Ashcraft's.

James has Legos but still loves playing with his Duplos.

Aubrey wants to come check out the Lego building.

Funny girls. They love their chips.

Time for presents with the Ashcrafts!

So fun!

This little one just wants to walk around and get into things.

We got Harold different kids of popcorn.

The puppies chilled out.

A new book for Brent, just fresh off his divorce.

Love his face!

Going to do some clay crafting.

So excited for a granite cheese board.

Flowers in Paris.

After the fun at the Ashcraft's the kids resumed their Lego building at home.

Cool beach house, Hailey.

Evan's Stark jet from Spiderman.

Time for a cute photo shoot with baby!


This little girl is obsessed with her passies.

Merry Christmas!