Thursday, April 30, 2015

Teacher Hailey

I never seem to have enough raspberries.... I wonder why...

Hailey likes to wrap gifts. While Evan was sleeping she wrapped his puppy stuffed animal and made a card for him.

"Be Happy Card"

They decided to play school and created this setup on their own.

She is trying to teach him sight words.

Running out of patience here.

What a face!

Sunday, April 26, 2015

More Legos

The kids were so excited to get the Lego trains out.

Steve added all the castles (4 of them) and plants and animals to fill up the table.

We just started getting a CSA (community supported agriculture) box.

Produce from our local farm. We get a little newsletter telling us what's going on with the farm and a new recipe. Sometimes we forget how much work it is to produce food because we just run to the store and pick up what we need when it is convenient.  There is nothing worse that tending to a seed for a few months only to come out the next morning and find some bug ate it for dessert last night.

I didn't know what to so with that swiss chard so we put it in omelettes and it was delicious.

He really loves the Lego Hogwarts Castle...... though he is not supposed to play with it unsupervised. Sneaky little boy!

Got to play Star Wars Legos before Steve leaves for work.

Steve told the kids he was going to build them a surprise for when they woke up.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Don't Tell Dad

Even Lego people need pet companionship.

Coloring and more coloring.

He's telling a whopper of a story here.

He was mad because I said I was tired of reading Star Wars books and to find a different one.  Not only did he tell me he was mad and that I was mean, but that I should call "Steve" because  he would read him Star Wars books.

Looks like he found a book that will suffice.

Making popcorn for a snack.

Steve couldn't resist getting the trains out.

And adding all the castles, trees, and animals to fill up the table.

Evan wanted to put animals on the trains and trees on the railroad track.

I told Steve to put up the Hogwarts Castle while he was at work, but that didn't keep Evan away from it.

"Don't worry Mom I won't get hurt. I won't break the Legos."
"Hey Mom, Don't tell Dad ok?"

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Easter Sunday

Look at that face! She was on the verge of crying happy tears.

They were so excited to find Legos in their Easter baskets this morning.

Rapunzel's tower for Hailey.

And Star Wars for Evan.

So happy!

This year we picked up a small bag of jelly beans, a bag of peanut butter cups, and Stars Wars fruit snacks from the dollar store. And that seemed like plenty.

And then they were off scouring the house for hidden eggs.

Found one!

Trying to figure out the instructions.

Evan also got a chocolate egg. This  boy loves sweets.

We kept seeing him eating Easter candy all day long.

Building building & more building.... I didn't heart a peep out of these kids the whole time Conference was on.  This may be the only time I have sat and listened to General Conference in peace the last 5 years.

Daddy split his time between building Evan's TIE fighter and helping Hailey when she needed it.

Making progress.

Evan wanted to help too.

He could hardly wait for it to be finished.

I love how Evan's set is for ages 8-14, even though he isn't even 3 yet, and Steve's is for 10 and up. Hailey is the closest to the age range of 6-12 for her set.

Steve finally got around to his set... a Ghostbusters set I scored for a good deal on Ebay. That will be going to work with him on Monday.

Look at these 3 kids with their new toys.

And there they are, all finished! Whew! There's been a lot of Lego building today.