Thursday, May 29, 2014

Flying Evan

My sister  took the kids out to get donuts...they were so excited.

Dancing around. We have found lots of great childrens  radio stations on pandora. Here is a article listing a few stations to check

Going. . . 

Really going. . . 

Made it down in one piece. 

So worn out after riding the pony he fell asleep during lunch.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Bowling Party.

Fascinated by the tree trimmers outside. 

We got together with Steve's family for cousin Bri's 6th birthday. 

Apparently both my kids love to bowl...who would have thought. 

The kids were great the first hours...most of them didn't want to bowl the second hour so Evan got to bowl a gazillion times for all the kids. 

So happy he left with his toes attached.

Got to do the happy dance.

Yum... Nana!

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

California Science Center

                                             Got to love free museums!

Making a rocket fly. 

Racing boats.

Doing a puppet show and watching themselves on the tv on the other wall.

Here is the space shuttle that passed right by out house on it ways to the Space Center.

Hanging out with Gillian.

Playing virtual soccer.

Plenty of things to touch and play with. so you don't get escorted out.

All tired out.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Building a Zoo

The kids spent the afternoon building a zoo. The sheep is getting ready to eat his hay.

Hailey builds and Evan rearranges. It ticks Hailey off. Then the tug of war starts. Evan usually bites Hailey. 

Hailey got so mad at Evan messing up her section of the zoo (he wanted to put the camel in a different spot) she decided she was going to shoot Evan in the head with the bow and arrow set. The bow and arrow set that Steve has had since he was young. Nana why did you save that bow and arrow set?? Did you know that Steve likes to shoot me with it? 

Just picked our first artichoke from the garden.

Ariel is not good for building towers.

I don't know what he would do without his cart. 

This cart has taken a  beating more than once. 

Papa's wooden wheels are holding up great!