Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Rome Day 3

Today we decided to be good Catholics and spent the whole morning at the Vatican Museum.

Love to visit museums!

 Look at how vibrant the colors are!

  Taking a break in front of  a tapestry that probably took years to make.

 Adam and Eve in the garden.

One of the many beautifully painted ceilings.

 Only one of Raphael's most famous paintings, The School of Athens.

Really enjoyed visiting the Sistine Chapel.

You feel like a tiny ant inside St. Peters.

Decided to stop in for a quick chat with the Pope as long as we were here. I happen to think Pope Benedict XVI has done a great job. He said he likes the Mormons; see I told you he was great!

 Guards with spears!

Didn't stay for mass as I don't speak Italian.

Still had a remarkable time visiting such a sacred place.

Michelangelo's The Pieta
(Mary cradling Jesus)
Much better in real life than in an art history book.