Monday, May 27, 2019

Boost Truck

James really likes trucks and construction vehicles.

So we pulled out the Lego Boost set & started building the truck.

James liked having some build time with Dad.

Sunday, May 5, 2019

La Quinta Getaway

And here it is: Legacy Villas in La Quinta.

It's been a quiet, peaceful couple of days here.

This is where we've stayed.

Evan really likes playing board games & card games.

Even Jeni & Nana have been in on the fun.

James wanted to start his own game.

Nice and simple for James to play too.

Did anyone say pool?

There were 11 pools scattered around the property but we mainly stayed in the 2 main pools by the clubhouse.

The one thing all 3 kids wanted out of our trip was to go swimming.

So we made sure to hit up the pool several times while we were here.

These 2 pools were the happening places to be.

Evan's getting better at swimming.

We have to keep our eyes on James to make sure he doesn't take off on his own.

Making a friend.

Later we went on a stroll around the place.

It's pretty warm out here but still nice to walk around.

I like all the fountains and landscaping they have here.

You can see we're right up against the desert on the far end.

Going exploring.

Jeni was a little nervous but the kids liked doing some climbing on the rocks.

Look at these kids all tuckered out.  That was a fun trip and it was nice to bring Nana along.

Friday, May 3, 2019

Trip to Palm Desert

This weekend we brought Nana along with us to Palm Desert.

On the way we stopped off at this crazy junk art place, the Noah Purifoy Joshua Tree Outdoor Museum.

It's this 10 acre exhibit full of crazy constructions like these buildings.

And toilets. Lots of toilets around this place.

Columns of toilets.

This arch of toilets.

Rows of tires.

Just all sorts of stuff put together.

Here's the junk railroad.

 Yeah, it was pretty weird. But something to stop & check out on our way to our condo in La Quinta.