Friday, April 6, 2012

Getting ready for Easter

The Easter bunny came a little early this year. Everyone got a small gift, a chocolate bunny and one small treat. Hailey's got the Beatrix Potter Peter Rabbit DVD set, which my siblings and I used to watch when we were little. Hailey won't eat a regular chocolate bunny, just like her dad she only likes the white bunnies.... must be a genetic trait he gave her. We also bought a excellent Easter book about Jesus that we have read at least twice a day. It is hard to find a toddler appropriate book and I am particular about the content . I came across quite a few with weird religious content.

My sister Clarice helped me make bird nests out of chow mein noodles and marshmallows for the nursery kids on Sunday. The kids filled them with peeps and jelly beans.

We wanted to dye eggs with Steve, but he has been gone at the crack of dawn and doesn't get home from work until late at night after everyone is in bed. Since he wasn't available Clarice, Hailey and I dyed eggs together. We dyed some brown eggs my mom had and liked those better than the white eggs I brought over.

We found a Easter egg bead decorating kit at the dollar store which was fun for Hailey.

Pretty pleased with her eggs.

Our finished easter eggs.

Rain is rare around here.

When is does rain Hailey likes to play in the gutter and splash.