Thursday, April 26, 2012

Venice Day 2

  Cream and chocolate filled croissants from the bakery. Yum.

St Mark's Square.

It's so big in the Piazza that Steve made a panorama to get it all in.

The Doge's Palace.

I love the ornate carvings and sculptures on the buildings.

Can you tell the time on this 24-hour clock?

In the Doge's Palace you could write anonymous notes about people and turn them in to the government to be investigated by slipping your note through the mouth.

The Palace had plenty of ornate, gold-encrusted ceilings.  This staircase was the last spot where we could take pictures inside.

Bought little Evan some handmade shoes to be blessed in at Church. Lynda took one look at them and said they were too big. I took one look at Lynda and said, "Then we are not blessing Evan until they fit!"

  St. Mark's Basilica.

Along St. Mark's Square there are expensive restaurants with orchestras.  This violinist really gets into it.

The Campanile next to St. Mark's.

The symbol of Venice is the winged lion.

Time to move on and say goodbye to St. Mark's.

I'll say it again; Venice really is a pretty place.

Such a cute place with those balconies and flowers.

The Grand Canal.

So far Steven and I have tried several flavors of gelato:

strawberry * raspberry * lemon * mango * pineapple * black cherry * caramel * vanilla * peanut * pistachio * chocolate * mint * meringue * panne cotte * fresh fruit yogurt

There are still a ton of flavors we have yet to try.

Then we went to the famous Rialto bridge and did some shopping.

Such interesting shops!

And cool buildings.

Love the ivy.

So cute.

On our way home from dinner the sun began to set... just look at the water.

Here is our apartment right on a canal with the blue boat in front.


It is so nice to have a kitchen for our groceries and to be able to do laundry at our convenience.

Steve and I took the loft bedroom.

One of our two bathrooms.

Scott and Lynda's room.