Monday, February 28, 2011

Hailey's First Birthday

For Hailey's first birthday the three of us went to the Aquarium of the Pacific then met our families over at the Ashcraft's for dinner, cake, and presents.

Hailey's First Birthday!

Steve took Hailey out to get a breakfast treat.
Where are the sprinkle donuts?

A nice lady in the donut shop was so taken with Hailey that she bought her the sprinkle donut.

She was mainly interested in eating the frosting and sprinkles on top.

Then she took a couple of bites...

Then Hailey threw her donut on the floor and the nice lady that we didn't know bought her another sprinkle donut.

She just saw a roach crawling along the floor. Just kidding!

Then after donuts it was time to go to the Aquarium in Long Beach.

So much to see!

So many exotic fish there!

Her new bike.

New stroller and dolls, which she loves to push around all over the house!

She likes to dress up.

At first she was pretty shy so Steven sat with Hailey and helped her open her presents.

She loves vegetables... in her mouth and on tv.

Her adorable smash cake that Steven's mom made (which she didn't smash but daintily ate the frosting off of).

She also made a super cute birthday cake for the rest of us to eat! Yum!
Happy Birthday Hailey!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Sharing Cookies

Pierre dog loves when Hailey shares treats.

The only time Ethan, the mooch dog, comes around Hailey is when she has food.

Oh, what a messy face!

Time to play outside while it is warm.

Do you all know what time it is?

It's naked time. (Steve wrote this)

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Hailey strikes again

Just didn't want people to think Hailey only ruins Steve's stuff.

I decided I wanted to replace the red paint in my dinning room with something a little calmer. Steve had a Stake Priesthood meeting to attend and I asked my sisters to watch Hailey, but they were already busy. They were kind enough to watch her on a Thursday so Steve and I could attend Stake Temple night. I didn't even finish putting the primer on the red paint before I saw little white hand prints everywhere. I know.... why couldn't she just play with some of her toys right? After the fifth time I washed the paint off Hailey I called my busy mom and recruited her to have some special one on one Hailey time with her cute little granddaughter. Did I mention that Hailey figured out how to pull off the blue painters tape?

Steve gave Hailey this block to play with that he picked up at the Otis Senior Show. Then he left her alone for a few minutes. Then she began to take big bites out of the block like a mouse on cheese. I have also caught her in the act of chewing on Steve's computer cables and cords. It appears we will be getting a computer armoire with doors real soon.

A couple of weeks ago we planted 142 pellets with vegetable, herb, and flower seeds. We even planted some pumpkin seeds that we got from Greg's (Steve's brother) humongous Halloween pumpkin. Hailey likes the spouting seeds; she likes to rip them right out of the dirt and eat them. Then she wants to throw them on the ground and smash them. All that work to get them to sprout and poof! before you know it they are gone. We have had a few casualties since they have sprouted. She even decapitated a few with the trowel she found outside.

Today I started wrapping birthday presents for Hailey. Of course she wanted to grab them and rip the tissue paper right off. I tried to shoo her away but later I noticed that it was too quiet and came to find she had gotten into the bathroom trash and trailed trash all over the house. My house is such a mess I wasn't even really sure where to look for Hailey, but I found her... she was chewing on a empty bottle of hair spray I had thrown out earlier. I am convinced it is a good thing she only has 4 teeth. Imagine the damage that will come when she has all her teeth!

Friday, February 18, 2011

New and Improved

A few weeks ago I looked down the street and saw a round table and 4 chairs sitting on the curb waiting for the trash man. I snagged all of them and currently have 2 of the chairs on my front porch.
I don't think she likes the smell of manure.
On the other hand the flowers love it!

The Bed Situation

I am the type of person that thinks if you are going to wear the same pair of shoes everyday you should invest in a good comfortable pair...even if it requires spending a little bit more money. I feel the exact same way about my bed.... after all I sleep in in every night. Public research reveals that people perceive food tasting better when it looks better. I also think if my bed looked like it came out of some luxury hotel I would immensely enjoy sleeping in it.

I have wanted a headboard for a long long time. My dad built a stunning bed for my mom. He offered to help make us one...but the reality is my dad is super super busy...all the time. I asked for a headboard for Christmas and Steve offered to make one. He is a fantastic husband! In the real world Steve is another busy person with almost no free time.

Last year we owed taxes...BOO! This year we are getting a refund and I get a portion of the money to spend on our house. Thanks for sharing Steve. The picture above is a bed at Pottery Barn that cost $1,799. Did I mention I love Pottery Barn. I know anything you can buy there you can get somewhere else for way less. I found a bed that looks exactly like the Pottery Barn one that is on sale until Monday for $650. We are going to look at it tomorrow. And then we are going to buy it. At least I hope so.

I have been talking to Steven about getting new bedding for at least a year. I am not exactly a impulse buyer. I finally made a decision on something we both like and now we are also getting new sheets, a duvet, euro and decorative pillows, and a quilt. I used to be a skeptic about buying higher thread count sheets until my mom bought some. I think Steve had to drag me by my hair home. Every time we buy new sheets we buy a higher thread count. Out new 1500 count sheets were on super duper sale for $51.53

We call that a steal of a deal. If you are patient and look long enough you can find a bargain.

My mom has had white couches in her living room for the last 10 years. I am going to have to agree with my mom that she got her moneys worth a while ago. 10 years, 7 children, and 2 dogs later... it's time for a change. We have been looking for awhile for something new....something easy to clean...something formal looking. We were at a furniture store earlier this week and came to the conclusion that it is better to keep looking for something you absolutely love instead of settling for something you like ok. Later that night we found these gorgeous leather tufted couches. My mom loves them.... I love them too... they will be here in the next 2 weeks. Yea!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Steve doesn't know yet...Round 2

It 's funny, I just sent Steve an email today telling him that Hailey had figured out how to open his computer game cases and take the disks out to play with. Little did I know... that is not all she had been up too. Imagine my surprise when I went to the bathroom and found this....

Guess what? She even put the seat lid down so it wouldn't look suspicious! That is an Corbett gene from my mom's side of the family. Those Corbetts love stinky bathroom humor. Maybe I should mention these are free screener copies Steve got in the mail so the dvd is sent in a cardboard case instead of the normal plastic cases.

Little sleeping beauty fell asleep in the tub and is done for the night. The earliest we are expecting Steve home is 10:00 p.m. I hope I am in bed and asleep by then. In fact I think I am just going to let Steve discover his Dvds in the toilet...imagine his surprise!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Dressed for Church

Sometimes her hair looks red and sometimes it looks blond.

Tooth number 4 has just started to come in....hence the sad face.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Another Day Gone Before You Know It.

Thanks so much for my card Nana!
I played with it all day.

This is the good life.

It's a fantastic card even upside down!

She fell off the steps she can hide her face.

What a face!

You can see all her teeth!

I keep telling her.... her face is going to get stuck if she keeps making this face.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Steve doesn't know yet....

Hailey just got word that her dad wouldn't be home for dinner.

While Steve is working overtime...
Hailey is home destroying Steve's stuff.

What was I doing?
I had to take a 10 minute break from being Hailey's mom.

She had a great time.

I had a great break too.

And then the break was over and the tapes were confiscated.