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First Steps

Yesterday we uploaded the video of Hailey using the dogs' food bucket as a walker. Today Hailey took her first steps on her own. Unfortunately I didn't have the video camera with me; we were at Church while Jeni practiced for Sunday's Christmas Program (so Jeni missed it too). Luckily Baby Hailey repeated it a few more times throughout the day so Mama got to see it. She seems to only take steps when she's distracted by something else. If she realizes she's not holding onto anything she sits down. We're so proud of our little girl. Pretty soon she'll be running around all over the place.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Improvised Walker

Hailey has been practicing walking. She's been able to stand by herself for the past 2 months and even walk while grabbing onto something or someone. Just recently, however, she's figured out that some things will move so she can walk and hold on at the same time. The dogs' food container was the perfect height.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

All in a day

Today we baked and glued our gingerbread houses together.
Tomorrow we will decorate them.
Even Hailey got a baby gingerbread house!

We are making my dad a crate of different types of root beers for Christmas. The sooner we wrap them the better as we already drank 2 of them... delicious! I liked Squamscot Birch Root Beer which has a wintergreen taste... Steve likes Bulldog; you can taste the honey in it.

Who knew there were that many different brands? We are going to make a cheat sheet describing the different flavors based on reviews we found online.

Ex. Hank's Gourmet: sweet and creamy, tastes like the lovechild between root beer and cream soda.

Some are spicy, some are sweet, some are super foamy, some leave different flavored aftertastes. Some are European, some Australian. It's a nice variety.

Then we wandered around the Grove. Steve's face lit up like a little kid when we went in Pottery Barn kids and he saw all the Star Wars stuff. Thank Heavens they don't make those sheets in a California King size or they might be on my bed!

Hailey had a good time seeing all the Christmas lights and the water show at the fountains. She is so well behaved in public. Last night we took her to a movie screening in Hollywood and she was as good as a peach! Too bad it probably won't last forever.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Candy Land

Hailey and her Dad have different ideas about how to play Candy Land.

Hailey thinks she won.
Steve thinks he won.

We decided to get Hailey an Elf on the Shelf after we found out that Norma the Elf visits Rex, Olive, and Lola (Hailey's cousins in Idaho). Our elf is named Gumdrop. Every day Hailey and her Dad look for him because he is in a different spot than the day before. Every night he reports back to Santa to tell him whether she has been good or naughty. Hailey can talk to him but is not allowed to touch him, to preserve his Christmas Magic.