Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Day 5: Heidelberg Castle & Ostheimer Wooden Figures

From Attendorn we drove 3 hours to see Schloss Heidelberg (Heidelberg castle).

But to get there we walked up 315 stairs.

It was a bit strenuous for most of our group.

But a very beautiful walk as we climbed.

The Friedrichsbau, right inside the entrance to the castle.

Venturing out on the terrace.

Looking out on Heidelberg down below.

A giant wine barrel at the castle... but not the largest...

This is the world's largest wine barrel (from 1751).

Checking out the apothecary museum inside.

Down from the castle there was a flea market outside the Church of the Holy Spirit (Heiliggeistkirche).

I love these little side streets.

So scenic.

We ran through Heidelberg pretty quickly and were off to Ostheimer, the wooden toy store.

Jeni was so excited to buy a bunch of wooden figures to bring back home.

Even Harold got into it and bought a bunch of wooden toys too.

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Day 4: Attendorn

When we planned our trip with Harold he reached out to two of his patients, Dieter and Monika, who live in Germany and wanted us to come see them in Attendorn.

So last night we drove 4 hours out to Attendorn to visit.

Their neighbor Gunther spent the whole day showing us around.

These markers have the names of Jewish Attendorners who were taken and killed in WWII.

We walked along the road that was once where the city wall stood.

Our guide showed us around town, pointing out historical landmarks as well as nice homes around the neighborhood.

A pretty backyard that still has part of the original city wall.

One of the churches in town.

Attendorn is a small, wealthy city that sat right in the middle of the regional trade routes.

It's beautiful here. Very quiet and very clean.

Passing by the school.

One of the towers which still stands.

The other tower.

After walking around town we stopped by this restaurant to have some lunch.

We had these delicious pancakes topped with cream and fruit.

St John Baptist Church (St. Johannes Baptist)

I just love the carvings on the side of each pew.

Gunther then took us to the castle Burg Schnellenberg.

The castle has now been converted into a hotel.

Jeni loves the ivy on the walls.

Down the road from the castle we stopped to look out over Attendorn.

Last stop: Biggesee, the lake created by the reservoir.

The entire time we were in Attendorn was so nice and peaceful.