Monday, November 17, 2014

Tea Party

The kids have been begging for a tea party with apple juice.

Little French Macaroons.

Heart shaped peanut butter sandwiches, with berries & cream

Hailey taking a bite out of her first macaroon.

Wait for it......

Swallow it... ewww... not liking it!

"Mom this is gross; this is not a cookie."

"Evan I have a cookie for you."


It's crazy 15 minutes ago I almost got hit in the head with a Lego horse.... and now the good manners come out.

Got to take the plate with you right?

Hooray... no spills!

"Yuck!" And he put it back on the serving tray.

Didn't like this one either.

He managed to take a bite out of each flavor and didn't like any of them. Fortunately I had a stash of white chocolate cookies that made it out.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Steve Relives His 12 Year Old Birthday With the Lego Castle

Lost the fight....He finally went to sleep once we gave him back the bubble sword he got after dinner from Papa Harold. 

Meat + layer of mashed potatoes deep fried.

Sunday afternoons are filled with Lego building.

Evan gets so very very excited!

Steve got this castle for his 12th birthday in 1993.

And then it was bedtime... say goodnight to the castle!

He cried so hard he could barely breathe.

It's hard to tell but Evan took a horse and knight to bed with him.

 Steve set it up with knights so it would be ready for playing in the morning.

And the next morning there was a war.... no one made it out alive.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Car Crash in the Front Yard

We heard some sort of crash in the middle of the night, around 3am - enough to feel the house shake.  Steve jumped out of bed to check on Hailey, thinking maybe she fell out of bed; but no, she had climbed into our bed again and was fast asleep.

The rest of the house looked fine; nothing fallen.  Steve didn't see anything outside either so we all went back to sleep.

 Turns out a car had crashed into the house, then sped off before anyone could see.

The car crashed right into our brick wall, tossing bricks about.

Our apple tree got knocked over into our front porch.

We have a lot of bruised apples now.
We pushed the tree back up; it looks so skinny now with two big branches broken off.

Thankfully we're all okay and the damage is pretty minor after all.  There's a mark where the car struck the corner of the house but only some stucco was knocked off.

We called the police to write up an incident report but there's really nothing else to do (except clean up the mess and fix the brick wall).

Oh, and the guy threw up on the grass.  He was probably coming from the bar nearby.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Lego Hogwarts

Three times this morning I caught Evan trying to scale the bookshelf in my room in an attempt to get his Dad's Hogwarts Castle. I will give him extra points for being persistent. So now I am working as the Lego Police at the kitchen table - so far no missing pieces. Evan is happily lost in his own little world of good guys vs. bad guys.

We only got out a few parts of the castle.

And when that kitchen timer rings in another 20 minutes this party is going to be over.

Steve said he has a whole other Lego castle set he can build for Evan to have free reign in playing with.

Cake for Breakfast?

Busy coloring. 

They were so excited to both get new magazines in the mail. American Girl & Thomas the Train.

"No, you cannot make a cake for breakfast!"
"Yes, you can make a waffle with cream and berries."

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Hanging Around

Fighting over a worm.

Washing worm germs off.

I caught her getting ready to pick a scab.

She knows when she is in trouble.

Steve wanted to get  Evan some action figures for Christmas. Most people just go to the toy store and buy something.  We have been to the toy store three times to check toys in general out. You don't even want to know how many action figures we looked at online or reviews we have read. Steve is a person who cares about details; that is the very reason he is good at his job at work. I feel like I have now completed and passed the test on how to pick good action figure toys.  Not all Batman toys are created equal and if you're going to buy one you may as well get a good-looking one. Some figures have big crotches and too skinny legs, terrible body proportions, no defined facial features, joints that don't move or rotate, and pecs bigger than any man should have. Not like our two year old cares beans about it. Now that Steve has pointed several things out I notice them all the time. There are lots of good quality toys out there; sometimes you have to look a little harder to find them (without paying out the wazoo).

Steve and I were having one of those lovely conversations about sizes; 4 inch vs. 6 inch figures and he went out to the garage and brought in his box full of childhood and high school toys to demonstrate why size matters.

A box full of Pokemon, Gameboys, guns & weapons, & lots of Star Wars stuff. Evan was thrilled.