Saturday, April 19, 2014

Because of Him

What is the greatest achievement for mankind?  Certainly there have been extraordinary advances in technology.  Great inventions have changed history.  Mankind has seen amazing leaders who have done great things.  But only one has done what no other ever could.  Jesus Christ overcame death and so, everyone who has lived and all who will yet live will be resurrected.  We will see our families and loved ones again.  And He has paid the price of our sins.  Because of Him we can be forgiven and live with God and our families forever.

Happy Easter.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Crazy Chimps

Playing dolls together.

After 3 years our grape vine finally has some grapes growing!

Picked some lavender from the garden to throw in with the bath salts.

Thanks for the Easter package Nana!

Back to the LA Zoo with the Ashcrafts.

Jeni: What do we do at the zoo, Hailey?
Hailey: Papa buys popcorn!

Evan wanted to show Grandma the giant tortoises.

Gorillas in the mist.

These chimpanzees were going ape-crazy today! The center one must be the alpha male. He was raising quite the racket and picking on one of the females who was holding her baby.

Hailey loves her Aunt Clarice.

Friday, April 11, 2014

New Piano & Couches

My piano teacher had a piano student die... the parents wanted to get rid of the piano because it was too painful to keep. She asked us if we wanted it... we did. By the time we figured out where to put the piano it had already been given away. We ended up getting one on craigslist with some money we received for Christmas from Grandpa Corbett. I took lessons all throughout elementary school, jr high & high school.  Nice to know all those lessons and thousands of hours of practicing haven't gone to waste.  This piano was in a condo up two flights of very narrow stairs. We hired piano movers to come get it for us.  I heard paying for piano movers is cheaper than paying for back surgery... so true. There used to be two bookshelves where the piano is now.

We moved one bookshelf to the kids' room. 

We got rid of the nightstand and put the other bookshelf in our room.

This is how our couches looked before.... they were free hand me down couches with generic slipcovers that never fit well.  When you get married, and all of a sudden have a home that needs multiple rooms furnished, free couches sound wonderful, right?

And here are our new couches. The covers actually fit. We have been talking about getting couches for that last three to four years. Looks like we finally got around to it. We have dark floors and a lot of dark furniture so I did not want dark or leather couches. Didn't want the living room to feel like a cave.

I only wanted a couch with slipcovers that we could wash. I know people love dark couches because they hide the dirt, but quite honestly I think it is disgusting. Let's face it, most people don't clean their couches.  I am a bit of a clean freak so just thinking about that grosses me out. We bought two sets of slipcovers for our couches. White and a soft, charcoal grey. It might seem crazy to get white, but it seems to be really popular with families with children.... why?? If you have a light colored couch and it gets stained you're out of luck. A white couch can be bleached like crazy. I think I have read every blog post ever written online about white couches and children... I was surprised by how many people love it. It should seem obvious that if you're not willing to wash the slipcovers that would be a terrible investment. I am okay washing slipcovers.... I mean it is two loads of laundry. I washed the covers this morning and it wasn't a big deal. The couches smelled like lavender when they came out of the dryer.... so worth it!

I did check into getting slipcovers made to fit our old couches and it was going to cost $1000+ per couch... umm no thanks. It is expensive because it is so much work.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Cambodian Elephants and Aldabra Tortoises

With Steve around we decided to head out to the zoo.

Okay guys, where's Aunt Kendra serving her mission? Yep, Phnom Penh.

Welcome to Cambodia! We wanted to send some pictures for Kendra to enjoy.

Evan was super excited to see the tortoises.

He loves the little turtles in Grandma's backyard so these huge tortoises were a real treat for him.

He loves wearing his straw hat (and gets so many compliments too).

Riding the camel.

Little Marilyn Monroe.

The giraffes also reminded us of Aunt Kendra.

Monday, March 31, 2014

Growing Butterflies

We got a butterfly kit!

There were 6 caterpillars inside. Evan just wanted to pick them up all the time.

One by one they turned into chrysalides. One morning we caught Evan shaking the container.

2 survived and emerged as butterflies.

Time to let them go!

Friday, March 28, 2014

Learning About Bugs

These kids just love bugs.

Evan, especially, loves to pick up bugs he finds outside.

The other day Evan was playing with a rollie pollie and then... just popped it into his mouth!  We made him spit it back out.  Gross!

Hailey wrapped her legs in painters tape....she claimed she had a broken leg. 

Steven recently started running every other day.  The kids want to get up and stretch with him.

I started sending Evan off with Daddy on his runs so I can have some time to myself to exercise.

We have a butterfly kit and just saw our first butterfly emerge from its chrysalis!