Friday, April 27, 2012

A day trip from Venice to the Alps

Today we had a private tour guide just  for the four of us. It was a perfect chance to see the countryside and see nature at its best. As we drove away from Venice there were tons of vineyards.

We say no to wine, yes to fresh grapes.
Steve picked some up for me in the market yesterday.

Our first stop was to the village Pieve di Cadore, where the famous painter Titian grew up.

We stopped for snacks: pastries and extremely rich, thick hot chocolate.

The local church, Santa Maria Nascente, with some paintings by Titian inside.

Had to light a candle for my friend Judy. Hope you make it over here sometime soon!

Then we visited the village of Cortina.

The Olympics were held here in 1956.

This small town reminded me of the small towns in Austria.

There seemed to be one main street with most of the shops on it.

Lots of pretty little chalets,

and mountains too.

Then we took the cable car up to the top of the mountains.

That's the whole village.

It snowed here just 3 days ago.

The ski lifts were still running.

I had traditional Austrian Wienerschnitzel for lunch.

Despite the snow we saw people sunbathing in tank tops and with no shirts on outside the cafe balcony.

Next we headed out to Lake Misurina.

The lake was pretty abandoned except for us and a few ducks.

Time to head back to Venice.

Yes, we have had quite a bit of delicious pizza here!

After dinner we just wandered through a maze of streets.

Then it was time to head back to the apartment so we could eat gelato of course!