Tuesday, July 28, 2015


Looking homeless

Got an ideal site right next to the lake.

Last week  while on a walk someone's great dane escaped and made a dash for Evan. It happened so quick I couldn't even get to Evan before the dog knocked him over barking and barring all his teeth right at Evan's stomach. That dog was almost bigger than me. Of course I flip out  and get no apology from the dog owners....who have nothing to say except that their dog wouldn't hurt anyone. They didn't even ask if Evan was ok even though  he got knocked over  &  was scraped up and  bleeding.

We go camping this lady ties her dog up(see picture above) and walked off. I don't know what happened but the dog got loose and started to chase my kids. I was quite angry...it just about gave me a heart attack. All the lady says when she comes back "well my dog is super friendly." "Yes, until he eats my children", which is the exact same thing I tell my next door neighbor with his 3 crazy pitbulls.  People can have any kind of dog they want....I really don't care what other people choose to do.....but when their dogs come after my children it becomes my problem. Maybe I should invest in pepper spray. 

On an adventure. . . .

The Secret hideout.

This campsite was fun except my dad chased several skunks away from our site last night. They must come in to scavenge for food. 

Miniature golfing.

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