Saturday, July 25, 2015

Lego Board

I told Steve he had to make a shelf for all the minifigures because they were all over the house and it has been driving me crazy. With no specific place to go it is difficult to keep track of them and if someone is looking for a specific character it is time consuming to find them. I really disliked the idea of throwing all the figures in a container or box it still feels chaotic instead of organized. I love this new shelf Steve made.

Steve can assess the shelf at the end of the night and identify who is missing so we know who to look for. During building and playing time there is definite freedom for Legos all the the place, but at the end of the night Hailey and Evan are responsible for picking them up and putting them away. Lego's left on the floor get confiscated and packed up. That has happened before. I like to tell them that when children don't pick up their toys it means they don't want to keep them. I also have to remind them frequently that there is no maid in this house. Everybody in this family has a job to do and I expect them to help clean and take care of their things. 

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