Sunday, July 26, 2015

Hailey glitters the house.

They look so innocent. Don"t be fooled.

I went to talk to my neighbors for a few minutes. Steve was in the house in the kitchen. The kids were in the house.   And then I discovered Hailey decided to glitterfy the entire house.  Fist I found it all the table and floor. Then I saw my couches were now gold...the floors ...the hall..the room...glitter everywhere. Never going to git rid of all of it. That what happens you don't watch you kids for 5 minutes. 

It took us over 2 hours to clean everything up...or so we thought. Then while Steve was in the shower I opened up my closet to find everything covered in glitter. Steve was so mad! Hailey kept saying, "Don't be mad Dad....remember I apologized.....I said I was sorry so don't be mad," Listening to her repeat that did make me laugh.

And then we discovered all the clean laundry sitting in a basket and the hampers in our room were covered in gold sparkles. 

Then I said Adios to Steve because the kids and I were leaving to go camping with my family.

Since we have returned home from camping we have discovered  more spots of hidden glitter. 

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