Monday, July 6, 2015

Evan turns 3

Hailey really wanted to hide Evan's birthday presents for him to find. He found them and was so excited we let him open up two gifts.

A Lego Star Wars book Steve picked out months ago. 

And we let him open his Batman cape.

Walking to the donut shop for breakfast.

He is telling me he wants a really really big donut.

That donut looks plenty big for him.

Then we headed up to Pasadena to the Kids Space Childrens Museum. 

This was our 3rd time here. We came when Evan was 8 months old (picture) and also for his 1st birthday. There is alot to see. We always seem to run out of time before we see everything. 

Bottle Rockets.

A few years makes a huge difference.

1 year old.

3 years old.

This is the indoor working beehive that has a tunnel that goes through the roof so the bees can get in and out. 

I want to keep him little forever.

Weighted magnet wheels

Then we headed back to my parents house for dinner and presents. 

Another cape hooray!

More Lego's

Evan has been using Hailey's old pink towel just because it was around and still good. It seemed like time to get him something more Evan appropriate. 

Already working together to build the new set..