Friday, August 7, 2015

Another one bites the dust.

It took us 4 1/2 hours in awful traffic to make our way down to San Diego for my brother Brent's wedding on Saturday.  We got there just in time to go to dinner with both sides of the family. The kids were most excited about going swimming at the pool at the hotel.

Steve was supposed to watch the kids while I went to a bridal party ( both families stayed in the same hotel.) When I got back to my room nobody would open the door the let me in. I was banging on the door and calling Steve....and nothing. I had just decided to bang on the door one last time and if nobody answered I was going to go sleep in my sisters room. And low and behold the door opened. It  turns out Steve put on a dvd for the kids and turned out  the lights and went to bed as soon as I left. He had been asleep the whole time I was gone. 

Everybody loves Dallas.

Evan was too worn out to stay awake anymore.



Getting ready for a long drive home.

Marsi doesn't like cake so there was lot's of others desserts.

It was a great day for both our our families. We got home late and the kids were burned out to the max.  Evan was so cranky and irritable Sunday morning that we went to Church and never made it inside.  I took him home and he slept for half the day. Hailey has been super emotional mostly because she is tired.  It's a good reminder for me that little children expire and have limits.....and if you push them you will have to pay the price. 

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