Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Hailey's Backpack

The backpack and lunch box Hailey picked out arrived from Lands Ends today. They have an awesome warranty on their backpacks so we waited until we got 40% coupon & free shipping.

It seems a little ridiculous to see a kindergartner with a normal sized backpack on that comes to their knees. Lands End makes backpacks in 5 sizes. We bought a small... which still looks big on her so it should last the first few years of elementary school.

LL Bean also has a lifetime warranty on their backpacks and was my first preference.  Hailey said they looked boring and plain... and she doesn't do plain very well. Fair enough... I did tell her she could pick. We did check out Pottery Barn backpacks which are very cute.... but durability has very mixed reviews.

There is an option to do custom embroidery for $6... very reasonable. We did not put her name on for safety reasons. We don't want some creeper stranger calling her name out.

Evan cried because he does not have a lunch box like Hailey. He thought that was "unfair." I told him when he goes to kindergarten he can pick one out.