Saturday, April 30, 2016

Service Project

The kids wanted to go with Steve to the Stake service project because they were giving away donuts. The project was to clean and fix a bunch of things at two different schools. Steve was going to help sift junk and trash out of the sandbox. He told me there was going to be painting, gardening, and cleaning things likes students chairs. I told him "DON'T let the kids paint." He said he didn't hear me say that. 

Before he left he called and said.."We are all ok but.....we have a problem....." Then I find out the kids are covered in paint....a whole lot of it. BOO!

And then he tells me it's not regular paint.....OH no that would be to easy. It is red oil based paint. Not going to lie. I was  madder than a hornet. When they got home I went out to the car to see the damage. Hailey had her hair in pigtails. It looked like someone had dipped her hair in paint up until the top of the ponytail and the paint was dried. I told her we might have to cut her hair off and that sent her in a never ending crying spell that she didn't want to look like a boy. 

If you have kids and see oil based for your lives like the devil is chasing you. It is a nightmare to get off. Steve wanted to put turpentine on the kids...but you can't put that on their skin. What do you know Home Depot had nothing we could uses that would be safe and not leave chemical burns all over their skin. 

Someone form church gave us come mineral spirits to use. We ran out of other options. There were we were with naked kids in the front yard trying to scrub paint off. Despite the fact that that had clothes  on they both managed to get paint all over their bodies. I am sure everyone on the block hear me say that they are not going to anymore service project for the next ten years.  I have told Steve before you can't reason with a mad person....they just don't think rationally at that point.

All the clothes got thrown out. As for Hailey's hair  after we used the mineral spirits cleaner we used most of a bottle of olive oil to get the rest of the paint out. We must have washed her hair at least 20 time.