Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Calling 911 at 11 Days Old

Evan  just wants to follow him around and hold him all the time.

Later this night James gave us a terrible scare. He had been fed. I held him for about 20 minutes after that and got up to swaddle him and put him to bed.This was a little before 9 pm.  All of the sudden he had this crazy projectile vomit that came out of him mouth and nose. I tried to wipe him off, but it seemed like there was more vomit stuck in his throat. He began to choke and it appeared to be clogging his air passage because he stopped breathing. I turned him over and tried whacking him on the back. He would gasp and then start choking and then there would be another pause where he would stop breathing. Steve was just arriving home from Young Mens. I immediately passed James over to him telling he that he was choking and couldn't breath. Steve checked him mouth and James would cry but then the chocking and gasping for air would start again. This went on for a few minutes. As I saw Steve try to breathe into his mouth I called 911. 

By the time I ran next door to get the neighbors to come watch Hailey and Evan the ambulance arrived. I was so panicked I forgot my sister just moved in back of us and I could have gotten her to come over. By the time the ambulance arrived James feet had turned blue. They put him on oxygen....hooked him up to all the monitors and we were of to  the UCLA emergency room. Steve followed in the car.

When we arrived there were lot's of people just laying on gurneys when we got in. We were isolated away from all the sick people because James is brand new. We saw three different different doctors. We went in for chest x-rays. Then then were looking for a possible problem with his stomach so we had to go in for some ultrasounds. This poor baby was was so hungry and screaming. I told the tech he was hungry when we got there and finally James screamed and wiggled so much she couldn't get what she needed. I finally got to feed him...he calmed down and we did a second round of ultrasounds. After that they wanted to do all sorts of blood test on him. The RN that came in said they had never done blood work on a little baby like James. They had a difficult time. He screamed and screamed. His veins were so little they collapsed and they couldn't get enough blood out of him. It was terrible for Steve and me to watch all the needles go in and get turned under the skin. They struggled to put a hep-lock in his wrist. It was close to two in the morning by this time. None of the doctors told us anything about the x-rays or ultrasounds. We basically knew no more then when we first got there. Finally they let us know they had called a ambulance to transfer us to the Kaiser in Hollywood since that is who our insurance is through.

The ambulance came and it took the better part of an hour to get to Kaiser. The doctors went of all the test that had been done with us. James showed symptoms of things that could be very serious....but the test results didn't align with those problems. James was hooked up to tons machines. They were going to keep us there and monitor us. Finally at 4 in the morning Steve and  I were able to share a chair and try to sleep for a few moments. There was a constant flux of doctors and nurses coming in. The  machines monitoring his oxygen and respiratory vitals were beeping and going off all the time.  We saw at least 8-9 different doctors. They had to cover their bases and check James out for everything.. Finally the head of pediatrics came to talk to us. They classify this as ALTE; a life threatening event.  They don't know what caused the projectile vomit.....they gave us several different reason that could have happened. They think the vomit when down the wrong pipe....getting stuck in his air passage and that's what caused him to not be able to breathe. They think it was an isolated incident and shouldn't happen again.

James had 12 of these sticky pads on his chest to hook him up to monitors. The nurse missed taking off this last one which I was glad. He screamed everytime they ripped those off. Both of this hands were wrapped at the hospital from having a heplock and doing blood work. And they had both of his feet hooked up to monitors too.

They kept us and monitored us all day. Finally at 5 pm we got discharged and were able to go home.We are glad he is ok. and it wasn't anything more serious. Granted despite being super sleep deprived I woke up several times during the night just to make sure he was breathing.