Thursday, April 7, 2016

Hungry James

Just wants someone to hold him.

Poor baby is waiting for my milk supply to come the meantime he has been up every single hour at night crying because he wants to eat.

I have to agree with my sister that getting started nursing is almost worse than childbirth. The cracking, bleeding,  stretching, biting at least 20 times a day is horribly painful. James acts just like a piranha when he gets latched on.We saw a lactation specialist twice in the hospital...she said he has a really good latch, but he sucks so hard  I am not sure anything will be intact when he is done.  It seems like it always takes a few weeks for them to figure things out.  What it boils down to if you have a screaming hungry baby you will you just have to bite the bullet and try to feed them. One thing the lactation specialist told us was not bottles or pacifiers before he is a month old because he will get nipple confusion and stop nursing.  Bottles basically just run in their mouths ...they hardly have to do any sucking which makes them lazy and then they won't nurse.