Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thanksgiving at Lake Arrowhead

We spent 2 1/2 days with Steve's parents up at the Lake.

A few years ago Steve and I stayed at the resort before we had kids. Very fun. . .worth every penny.

Nana and Papa taught Hailey how to play pool.

As you can see Evan wanted to play too.

They also loved going through the forest.

So sleepy.

Playing at the park

Such a little charmer!

Wandering into Arrowhead village.

Testing out Santas's sleigh.

Making friends.

We went out for the Thanksgiving feast.

Let's tell the truth... it didn't take long for the kids to be bored and then they wanted to run around, which meant we had to eat in shifts.  Then again, I don't know a single person with young children who sit like angels while their parents savor a nice meal out.  We don't eat out all that often, but when we do, we go somewhere nice and leave the kids at home.
Eating all Nana's milano cookies while she sleeps.