Thursday, November 21, 2013

Evan the monkey.

Looks like the lettuce seeds sprouted.

Feeding the kitty breakfast scraps off the floor.

Hailey asked me if our magical pumpkins seeds are going to tun into carriages like Cinderella.

It rained a tiny bit over night.

Needs flowers in her pocket.

At 15 months he only has 5 teeth. He just stated cutting 3 more.

Time for a few stories. 

Hailey has wanted to make cookies this week. I told her maybe next week, but I did give her and Evan just a few white chips to snack on....they were thrilled. 

So earlier this week while I was folding laundry on my bed Evan walked over to the foot of the bed and jumped off.. . . you know for fun. Got to to give Mom a little scare.  Of course he landed on his face. He is a little daredevil. Time to lay off the Peter Pan stories.  This is the 4th time in two weeks  he has split his gums open from falling and jumping . It makes for a huge bloody mess. 

 Evan has also been caught several times walking along on the edge of the dining room table. And he seems to think the top of the couch that is not against a wall is a balance beam.  

So you can see these two are managing just fine without cookies this week.