Wednesday, November 13, 2013

No kitties allowed in the house!

A few days ago I thought I closed the screen door by the kitchen, but it didn't close all the way. (I was outside talking to my neighbor, the kids were sleeping). Meanwhile, the three stray cats from next door were roaming around in the house. I found the first 2 and they made a beeline for the door and made it outside. I just assumed that was the end of that. I closed the door and locked  it. When I went in the living room the third one bolted past me only to find the door locked and closed. The cat was screaming, jumping around, going crazy. I didn't want to get attacked so I went out the front, around to the side door where the cat had been, and unlocked the door and opened it up.... and no cat. By this time the cat was in my bedroom. I chased him out only to have him run on top of a huge stack of Christmas presents I had just wrapped. I was quite relieved when the cat finally made it back outside. The cat's crazy screaming episode woke both kids up and they were excited the cats were in the house.

In this story the "nana" (the great grandmother) gets tied to her chair so she won't fall out - of course Hailey wanted to be tied to a chair too.

In the last 3 years we have burned through 3 (cheap) doll strollers. Steve wanted to get another stroller for Hailey for Christmas as the item she needs (4 gifts: want, need, wear, read). I said if we could find one that was better quality at a reasonable price we would get one, otherwise we would just wait until her birthday in February. What I was looking for is a stroller that folds up and one that has an adjustable handlebar to adjust the height. Currently Hailey looks like a hunchback, pushing her short, beat-up stroller.

The navy doll pram above is from Pottery Barn Kids. The navy color has been discontinued, but is available in pink. It seems to meet both of my requirements, but - look at what it would cost.


  1 Item(s): Edit Order
Merchandise Total: $79
Shipping & Processing: $14
Tax: $8.37
Subtotal: $101.37
Order Total: $101.37                No Way Jose!

What do you know, I found one on craigslist. The lady told me, "someone is coming to look at it tomorrow, but I don't care who takes it, whoever shows up first." It was even better to find out the lady only lived 3 minutes away from us. So yes, I love it when people buy nice stuff and turn around and sell it for nickels and dimes. Hopefully we will get all our Christmas shopping finished in the next two weeks... so we can have the rest of time to do fun Christmas activities.

He doesn't like to hold still when getting his haircut, so he's lucky he is not bald.

We went to a screening for Disneys new movie "Frozen" about the snow queen. Disney wanted this to play like a musical... and the music is great. Loved it so much we are going to take Hailey to see it again when it comes out Thanksgiving weekend. The younger princess, Anna, is a clone of my youngest sister Clarice... it's like high-school love drama all over again. It's funny to watch, but man it makes me glad  I am married.

Got to check out some books before we brush our teeth and get dressed.

What is cooler than hanging out and reading on the bottom bunk? The answer is NOTHING!

Look at that ginormous strawberry!

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