Friday, July 6, 2012

Welcome Baby Evan

Last night we headed to Kaiser because Jeni's amniotic fluid had been leaking throughout the day. So once I came home from work (and a Missionary Correlation meeting at 8pm) we headed to the hospital and got her checked out. Diagnosis: time for the baby to come out.

Evan Christopher McClellan was born this morning at 10:28am.
8 lb. 3 oz.
18.5 in.

The oxytocin really kicked in this morning and Evan was ready to come out sooner than we thought. We just wanted to wait until the Grandmas were on their way.

The Ashcrafts brought Hailey over today so she could meet Evan for the first time. Sometimes she was excited to see the baby; at other times she just wanted to run around and explore.

A happy Papa with our little guy.

And here's the whole family. We're all pretty excited to have Evan in our family.

The first thing we noticed was, of course, his dark hair that he got from Mama. What a cutie. Otherwise he looks alot like Hailey.

He's such a good little boy. He sleeps alot and nurses alot. He has a really strong sucking reflex, just like when Hailey was a baby.

We've been awaiting Evan for so long and now he's finally here. It's so good to have you as part of our family, Evan.

The birth and delivery went smoothly and both mother and son are healthy and trying to get some rest.