Friday, July 27, 2012

What a Sad Face

Poor Evan has had a continuous stream of horrible gas the last few weeks.   He cries and cries and cries all the time and it is obvious he is hurting. His gas doesn't seem to be affected by what I eat. When I talked to his pediatrician about this she told me "he must have alot of gas from crying all the time. When he cries he swallows lots of air and that causes gas." Her recommendation was to not let him cry all the time. Right, did they teach you that in medical school? I just looked at her like she had 4 heads. I have to wait another month before they will let me switch Evan over to the family practice doctor that Hailey sees, who is great. In the meantime I bought some colic drops called colic calm and they seem to help quite a bit.

Less than 5 minutes after all the toys are picked up Tornado Hailey strikes again.