Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Day 13: Still Resting

We haven't been doing too much since Steven has gone back to work. This cute baby did some serious damage coming out. I ripped from front to back and my muscles got stitched up in a couple of layers. I can barely tolerate walking and sitting upright. Hopefully in another week or two I will be able to walk like a normal person.

It is nice to have my mom and sisters around to take care of us. It doesn't hurt that my mom's couches are more comfortable than ours. 

So Sleepy!

Hailey was thrilled the other day that she got to wear her nightgown all day, and was allowed to watch more than one movie. She has been really excited to have Evan around and wants to help with everything!  People constantly told me she would turn into a little monster; we are glad that hasn't happened.

Time for another nap. He's not a great sleeper, but I will take what I can get.