Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Portland Trip Day 2: Tickle Creek & Wildwood


Making a lunch stop on our way out of the city.

Got to hit up the Portland food trucks while we're in Portland.

Several delicious options all in one place.

Mmmm, delicious shawarma.

We try to encourage the kids to try new foods. Doesn't always work but it's fun to try new things.

Getting to play and run around before it's time to load up in the car again.

As we continued along our way out of the city we had a treat at Joe's Donut Shop.

They have some great donuts here.

Such a nice day out. Perfect for hiking through the woods.

So pretty out here.

We love seeing the kids having fun out in nature.

As long as they don't get too far ahead they can run amok down these paths.

Snacking on berries found along the trail.

Foxglove growing along the trail.

Finding some little pinecones.

Next stop: Wildwood.

Wildwood is an older, denser forest.

Found this nice observation station in the middle of the forest.

Little fishies.


These kids love to climb.

Life-sized salmon statue right next to Salmon River.

Aubrey wants to do what she sees her siblings do. So cute.

Crossing Salmon River.

Such a nice day to be out in nature.

James is having fun down at the river.

Nice to see the kids getting along together and having fun.

Climbing inside an old tree stump.

We found the wetland boardwalk.

These raised, wooden paths were great for exploring the wetlands.

Along the way we found these overlook spots with really cool informational books.

Learning about beavers.

Aw, what a sad face!

We also found these neat animal signs along the way teaching how to identify the local animals.

Another outlook.

We look in the book, then look out at what we can see.

Much better for us to learn about the black bear without actually coming across one.

Don't go swimming there, Evan.

Learning about blacktail deer.

Look at those old, mossy trees.

Aubrey liked the overlook books too.

She's an airplane (or maybe a bird).

On our way back through again.

Hailey's such a good big sister.

And here's our Mt Hood home for the next 3 days.

The living room (and kitchen off to the right there).

Nana's room.

A room for 2 of the kids.

A room upstairs for me and Jeni. And Aubrey.

Evan decided this walk-in closet (in our room) would make the perfect, little room for himself so we moved the spare mattress in.

Time to eat before venturing outside to explore more on the property.

She's living her best life.

The patio goes around the house.

It's so beautiful outside.

The stairs leading from the patio down to the rest of the property.

Looking back up to the house where we started from.

And that leads right to this little bridge over the stream.

View from the foot bridge.

We finished the evening hanging out on the patio and in the jacuzzi.