Thursday, July 29, 2021

Portland Trip Day 4: Mt Hood River Fruit Loop


Today we're driving the Hood River Fruit Loop, stopping at orchards along the way.

First stop: Packer Orchards and some ice cream on this hot day.

After driving from the Mt Hood house, this was a nice place for a rest stop.

Jeni loves the marionberry vanilla.

Aubrey approves.

Great view of Mt Hood.

Off to the fields at the Gorge White House.

Beautiful flower fields, but first we're off to pick fruit.

Aubrey loves strawberries so those immediately caught her eye.

Place them all in our bucket.

Making sure the strawberries are still there.

Ooh, look at all those berries.

On to the raspberries.

Just making sure the berries are ripe.


Those are some good-looking blueberries.

Aubrey was so happy to help pick berries.

Testing more berries.

Off to the cherry trees.

Evan was ready for this.

James joined Evan in climbing the cherry trees.

So funny to see their little faces poke out from between the branches.

Pink lemonade blueberries.

With a basket full of freshly-picked fruit we then wandered around the flower fields.

Jeni loved all the flowers.

We had lunch at the Fox Tail Cider distillery.

We had pizza and sandwiches, plus sweet apple cider and cider slushy: great for such a hot day.

Hailey absolutely loves salt and vinegar chips.

Outside were a few cornhole stations set up.

Relaxing in the shade, watching the kids play.

Aubrey had a more direct method to get the bean bags in the hole.

Our last stop was the Hood River Lavender Farm.

We went inside the lavender store & pursued all the goodies in there.

The fields are pretty expansive so we hiked around the farm among all the lavender.

It smells so good out here.

Found a nice spot to sit and hang out for a bit in the sun. Saw some bees buzzing around but didn't bother us.

It was pretty hot out, which turned into a bit of a water fight among the kids.

The adults were not immune to the water attacks.

Aw, little buddies!