Saturday, July 17, 2021

Harry Potter Lego Books


Carrying in a special gift.

It's an Aubrey girl!

Look at all these kids watching a movie together.

I have all these Lego Harry Potter books now so we turned this into a family activity.

Aubrey and I teamed up on the Transfiguration Class.

Hailey has the Charms Class.

Potions Class for James.

And Herbology Class for Evan.

First we build the accessories.

It's looking like a book!

Keep up the good work, James!

I like helping the little ones build.

I let Aubrey build as much as she wanted to, until she got bored and wandered off.

We had an informal race to see who could finish first. Aubrey and I won, closely followed by Evan and Hailey.

I offered my help to James but didn't take it away from him. I like seeing him build without someone swooping in and taking over. 

They look great as books on the bookshelf or as set-up classrooms.