Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Portland Trip Day 3: Trillium Lake


Up and playing on tablets this morning.

This little cutie is ready to explore the house.

Making her music.

Playing out in the backyard.

And down at the stream.

This stream winds its way through the neighborhood in both directions.

Along came a visitor, splashing his way through the stream.

There he goes.

Today we stopped off at the Mt Hood Information Center.

We explored the exhibits, learning about the different animals.

A scale model of Mt Hood.

Evan and Aubrey liked all the ski poles in this room.

A replica of a lookout used by the forestry service.

And there's Mt Hood.

Here we are in the forest around Trillium Lake.

We had our lunch stuff packed in the car, ready to have a picnic.

These kids just wanted to play.

Their own little balance beam/see-saw.

View from across the lake.

We started and one end and just hiked around the lake as far as we wanted to go.

Silly kids.

Mother hen.

Aubrey wanting Mom to carry her.

We got a little less than halfway around the lake and the family wanted to turn around and head back.

Nice log for a break.

Back to the Mt Hood house.

The kids spent so much time exploring behind the house and playing in the stream.

Hailey and Evan wanted to explore up and down the stream, so Aubrey had to come inside.


Aubrey wasn't going without a fight.

Coming back from exploring.

Jeni didn't like Evan and Hailey going off on their own but they sure had a good time.

What a bunch of cute kids.

That's our little girl, growing up so fast.


After playing in the cold stream it was nice to relax in the warm jacuzzi.

Upstairs, outside our room, there was a Wii with some games so the kids played some Guitar Hero.

We don't have a console at home so it was fun for them to play here on vacation.