Saturday, July 31, 2021

Portland Trip Day 6: Cows and Alpacas


Off to hike the forests of Tryon Creek today.

Mountain man over here.

Aubrey loves hanging out with her sister.

The kids were happy to see some dogs on the trail too.

Cute group of kiddos.

They always find something to climb.

After hiking the trail we hit up the nature center.

Feeling the different animal furs.

No, Aubrey, the bears aren't coming with us.

The TMK Creamery was a cool place.

Living in the city we don't get to see cows very often.

Having some milkshakes before our tour of the creamery.

While we were there we saw people come and go who all knew the family running the creamery. Seemed like a frequent stop for the locals.

The kids found a little library inside.

And then it was time for our tour.

Licky cow.

We all pet the cows we passed.

Then we found the babies.

Learning about the calves at the creamery.

Visiting the milking parlor.

Feeling the suction from the milking machine.

Jeni set up a visit with the alpacas at Marquam Hill Ranch.

So fluffy.

We each got a bowl of food and the alpacas came out in shifts to come eat.

Fun to see them come right up close to eat.

One of them ate from my bowl and then spit right on me. I was the only one.

They were all so soft!

Before we left we got to walk a few of them around on leashes.

I think James' alpaca took him for a walk instead of the other way around.

We ended the day with some delicious burgers.