Friday, July 30, 2021

Portland Trip Day 5: Mt Hood River Train Ride


The kids were up and hanging out in the backyard before we headed out for the day.

On our way out to Mt Hood River we stopped off for an early picnic lunch.

We bought some marionberry jam and sodas while we were here.

With a little time before our train ride we let the kids run wild at this fun neighborhood playground.

James made a friend.

Evan and Aubrey found this spinner.

And the other kids joined in.

Meanwhile, Aubrey was having a blast on the swing.

The swing is probably Aubrey's favorite thing.

This playground was a nice find.

Having some teeter-totter fun.

I dig all the towers and bridges.

Trying to ride the zipline together.

No gentle swinging once the boys joined in.

All aboard.

James scaled up the climbing wall, no problem.

Evan is a good big brother.

These kids get along so well when playing outside.

Look at those happy faces.

Time for our train ride!

Found our seats; time to relax.

Starting to pull out of the station.

Winding alongside the Mt Hood River.

At this point the train reversed direction a few times as it climbed these switchbacks.

There's Mt Hood.

So relaxing on the train that the kids started dozing off.

And back to the station. That was a nice, relaxing train ride.

Aubrey wanted to pull Hailey along like she was taking her on a walk.

Next stop for the day: Horsetail Falls.

Plenty of room to play along the creek.

While the others played in the creek, Aubrey explored along the bank.

And out to eat at the end of the day.

Look at all that great food.