Monday, September 1, 2014

Labor Day Campout

We had to squeeze in one camping trip.

Clarice started the fire with some hot coals and paper.

The campground had a playground.... yea!

 Pizza, salad, and marshmallows for dinner.

"I am building a stone thing (altar) so I can pray to God."

Helping make breakfast.

This campground has equestrian camping on site. It was fun to see lots of people trotting around on their horses.

While my husband and sister were competing on the monkey bars what do you think Hailey was doing?

Meet Hailey. I had really strong opinions about the kids not being married too young... I have had a complete change of heart since I have had Hailey. I tell myself all the time that Hailey is a romantic at heart. This is her personality. She was like this in the pre-earth existence. It is hard to accept the truth sometimes. I cannot convince her boys are gross. That didn't work.  I can help her but I cannot control her every move.

Do you see the grip Ethan has got on her hand?
He was a very polite and nice boy.