Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Allergy Test Round One

We had the basic screener allergy test on the kids which is done through a blood test. They have both broken out in hives before... that was our first clue to know they needed to be tested. Allergies run rampant on my side of the family.  It seems like they will both need a more comprehensive skin prick test later on.

Hailey came back clear for the basics; the pediatrician said this only tests for basics and it's likely she is allergic to something she wasn't tested for.  Evan tested positive for dust, cockroaches, shrimp, lobster, crab, and shellfish. She told us to be very careful around seafood. He seems to be in the clear to eat cod and scallops which was good to hear because I just started giving them cod liver oil... lemon flavored.

The pediatrician said she didn't want to tell us that we should never eat out, but to be aware that cross contamination with seafood is very common... happens more than you think. Someone uses the same knife or cutting board, doesn't wash their hands and before you know it you have a bad allergic reaction. Her recommendation was to avoid seafood while eating out. Better safe than sorry. At least the kids are  not allergic to milk or eggs right? Steve is happy they're not allergic to sugar!