Saturday, August 30, 2014

Ward Reunion

We got up early, went to the temple, and then headed up to Magic Mountain.

Hailey was thrilled when her ride partner Papa showed up.

Into the cages.... HAHAHA! I love it!

Today was great because there were almost no lines for the little kid rides.

See their red faces... it was 105 degrees outside.

Steve wanted to ride the rapid ride because it was so hot...... until we saw this sign.

Getting ready to be splashed.

And we didn't even have to wait in line to stand on the bridge.

Much cooler now. Evan on the other hand was scared and said he got water in his eyes and up his nose.

Back to Papa's house for malts.

Steve's home ward was having a 30 year reunion.

Making leis with Evan.

Face Painting by the young women.

They had a group of dancers come and perform.